Englischsprachige Webinar Serie (II): in vitro and in silico: match made in heaven?

Eine herzliche Einladung an Studierende von TPI (Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals mit Sitz in den Niederlanden):

Do you want to learn more about in vitro and in silico models? Then join our webinar on February 28th, from 15:30-17:00. We will have the great pleasure of hosting two experts in the field: Aurélie Carlier (MERLN, Maastricht University) and Christian Maass (esqLABS).

The webinar will consist of two talks and a Q & A interactive session. It is an excellent introduction to these two topics, but will also dive into more in-depth content. It will be followed by a short social event too. Read more about the webinar below and register here.

We hope to see many of you there! And feel free to share around you.

About the webinar

In silico models, whether simple or complex, are essential animal-free innovations in themselves, as well as key for the interpretation of in vitro and human data. Despite these models are exceptionally promising, many (young) researchers with a non-in silico background might find it hard to understand, critically appraise and apply these models in their work or studies, or set up collaborations with computational groups. This webinar aims to enlighten our members on the power of computational methods for the transition to animal-free science.

Who is Young TPI?

We are Young TPI, a group of enthusiastic and motivated young professionals, PhDs and students with different study and career backgrounds. What connects us is our interest in the transition towards animal-free innovations and our ambition to contribute to the acceleration of the transition.