3Rs Webinar am 07.06.2023: Enhancing veterinary training through humane innovations

On Wednesday, June 7, at 4 pm (Berlin), Nick Jukes from InterNICHE will give a presentation based on the new InterNICHE documentary film series DVM: Training the Animal Doctor. Through interviews, demos and student labs, the film demonstrates the feasibility of full replacement of harmful animal use across all disciplines. The presentation will show that such tools and approaches are often no longer considered ‘alternative’, but the norm.

The non-animal tools include traditional and 3D-printed models; video and animations; virtual laboratories for physiology and pharmacology classes; virtual reality software and advanced synthetic cadavers, organs and tissue for hands-on clinical skills and surgery training; and scenario-based simulated clinics for classes including internal medicine and clinical pharmacology. The ethical approaches comprise work with animals, but with zero harm, or a positive impact on the individuals involved. They include supervised clinical learning opportunities with animal patients, and client donation programs to provide ethically sourced animal cadavers.

In this presentation, these methods are explored in detail, with a focus on teaching objectives. Some of the myths and misunderstandings concerning animal use will be uncovered and explained, and the lessons of the hidden curriculum identified. Case studies of the development and implementation of these humane innovations are provided from university departments and producers at the forefront of progressive change in veterinary education and training.